About Us

Naturz began life in 2011 and since its humble beginnings has become a leading foods brand in independent stores throughout the UK. 

We began by selling a few lines of Pulses and Lentils into London retail stores and have now expanded our range to include, Nuts, Spices and Rice. We now distribute to over 100 stores in the UK and into 10 countries in Europe. 

We have a state of the art facility in West London where we re-clean and pack our dried food products to the highest standards. 

Naturz is a brand owned by Export Trading Group who have shared their 40 years worth of trading expertise in Pulses, Spices and Rice to produce a range of retail ready products that best fit the consumers needs.

Naturz foods travels all around the world to source the finest ingredients. We purchase more than 80% of our products from the farmers themselves and process locally in our own plants. We then import our products into the UK where they are cleaned again and packed ready for the shop shelves. By being in control of the entire supply chain Naturz is able to ensure consistently high quality products at great prices.

Naturz supplies over 80 independent retail stores within the UK as well as a number of wholesalers and distributors. We are also a trusted brand within the catering industry and many of your favourite restaurants cook with Naturz products. Naturz can also be found in many countries in Europe and we are working hard to reach even more countries in the future.